About Hula Moon Press

What, exactly, is a hula moon?

Some say it’s a moon; we say it’s a mood. The kind of mood that evokes creative thoughts, exquisite imagery, soulful ponderings. The phrase itself has prompted books, songs, art, dance, dreams and memories—and a publishing house that captures those realms on the page.

Welcome to Hula Moon Press.

We are a portal to new adventures between hard and soft covers, in bold and fine print and all the nuances in between. We celebrate Hawai`i with heart, humor and a keen appreciation for the stories of its people. In the months and years ahead, we will present the arts and stories of Hawai`i in fresh new voices that inspire, entertain and provoke readers of all ages.

Watch for us under the hula moon, where even the shadows dance.

Jocelyn Fujii, the founder of Hula Moon Press, is the author of more than a dozen books on Hawai`i and the Pacific, including Stories of Aloha; Homegrown Treasures of Hawai'i; Under the Hula Moon; In the Lee of Hualalai; Voices of Guanacaste: Life in Costa Rica; Paul Mitchell: Who Was He; The Persis Collection of Contemporary Art; Tori Richard: The First Fifty Years; and Christmas Island. In September 2008, her new children’s book, Pono, the Dog That Dreams, was released in conjunction with Pono the Poi Dog Productions.

Her articles have appeared in many national and international publications, including the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Westways, and Western Interiors & Design. She is a contributor to Hawai'i Westways and was a columnist for Spirit of Aloha until Aloha Airlines closed its doors in April 2008.